Great news.
More frequent and
direct service.

Get on board with all the advantages

The advantages of taking the bus are better than ever. Especially now, as we
have recently added more frequent and direct service, and extended our
service hours on Friday and Saturday evenings! You asked,
we listened. Now offering more frequent and direct service.
You’ll be seeing a lot more of us.

Get there easily!

Here in the Comox Valley we are lucky to have a transit system that is comprehensive and easy to navigate. We’re not ‘the big city’, so we can get you there in no time. If you haven’t tried the bus before, you’ll be surprised. Join us!

Save money.ssss

There’s no question about it. The bus will save you thousands every year versus the costs of operating and maintaining your own vehicle. Save for the things that will make your life better and more fun!

“me” time.

Enjoy the scenery, chat, browse, read, snooze… Taking the bus is time for you. You can even get more fit if you get off a stop early and walk!

Reduce your
carbon footprint.

Taking the bus to work or school instead of riding alone in a car reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine if everyone was on board – for the planet!